Kefalonia Highlights

Kefalonia is a one of the biggest islands of Greece, on this kefalonia tour we explore the highlights, the main attractions. We start off with Saint Gerasimos the saint protector of the island. The remains of the saint can still be seen today, a truly lifetime experience. Next stop is the Robola Wine Cooperative there you have the chance to try some of local wine varieties.

After traveling through the hills of Mountain Ainos our next stop is Drogarati Cave, the majestic stalactites and stalagmites that date more than 150 million years. Moving along our tour takes you to the underwater lake of Mellisani, enjoy the boat ride through the blue and green water. Just after that we give you some time to explore the unspoiled village of Agia Efimia. Our last stop would be a photostop above breathtaking Myrtos beach. Finally enjoy the views on our way back and feel free to stop us anytime you like for a photo.

Seat back and enjoy the ride!

Useful Tips:
Guests should be able to step in and out of a boat and walk unassisted in the caves. Those wishing to enter the monastery must dress conservatively, shorts are not permitted. Flash photography prohibited.